Things to Carry

Mandatory Things to Carry until further notice

Special Requirements for COVID-19 (as per WHO guidelines):

  1. N-95 Face Masks and Face Shield
  2. Hand Sanitiser as per your duration
  3. Sun Glasses and Gloves


  1. For any activities, insurance is prime concern. Your insurance policy most covers all your activities, medical and accidental, travel, theft and any other possible incidents for the whole period you remain out from your home country.
  2. Immediately purchase a policy and have one copy of the policy with you.
  3. Also don’t forget to leave your contact details to your family members at your home.
  4. Do not put all your valuable belongings in one place/ bag/pocket so that you can lose only one item incase of lost/theft.
  5. Avoid solo activities like solo trekking, solo paragliding, solo cycling, solo driving, solo touring, solo hiking etc. (It is recommended to conduct the program with agency to expedite the rescue operation in case of any accidents)

Trekking Gear

  1. Sleeping Bag (Warmer one)
  2. Sleeping Mats
  3. Trekking Shoes with good grip (Used one but not very old is good for smooth walk)
  4. Shocks (few pairs)
  5. Sun glass with UV protection
  6. Trekking stick
  7. Rucksack (Carry stuffs all side)
  8. Light raincoat with cap
  9. Headlight with spare batteries
  10. Warm cloths during winter
  11. Water bottle
  12. Water purifier (liquid)
  13. Slippers
  14. Alarm or any device with alarm (in High Altitude device may not work due to extreme cold)
  15. Sun block cream (SPF -15)
  16. Gloves
  17. Universal electric connector
  18. Swiss gear Knife (multipurpose)
  19. Good quality camera with spare batteries, memory card, card reader, data storing device, camera bag, extra strips (Professional big movie cameras may required to obtain additional permits from the authority)
  20. Energy drinks, Chocolates, gums to maintain the stamina
  21. Toiletries like soap, shampoo, sanitizer, toilet paper, mouth freshener, brush, paste, comb, hair bands, clips, nail cutter etc.
  22. Medicines for general sickness like fever, body ache, headache, diarrhea, fast relief, bandages, handyplast, general altitude sickness, nausea etc. (Further should consult with Doctors, find the list of hospitals listed in our website.)

Things to take on a Rafting Trip

Following are the things that you can include in your rafting trip. Please be informed that the things below are mostly for long rafting trip (2 days or more). You can pick some items from below list for one day rafting and don’t forget waterproof clothing, towel, sunglass with strips, moisturizing lotion etc. to include.

Most Essential

  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Inner lining
  3. Towel
  4. An Extra set of Clothing

Other thing to bring along

  1. Two pairs of polypropylene or polypro mix athletic socks are recommended
  2. Cotton underwear, light weight long sleeved shirt, Two cotton T-shirts
  3. A fleece jacket preferably polypropylene
  4. A Gore-Tex or similar material rain jacket
  5. A small towel
  6. Plenty of moisturizing lotion
  7. Spare glasses
  8. Flash light or Headlamp with spare batteries
  9. Water bottle
  10. Toilet paper
  11. High quality river sandals
  12. Two pair of good quality river shorts such as Guide Shorts
  13. Swimming costume, for women a sarong can be purchased to wear in Nepal to use as a wrap-around. A baseball style cap and good sunglasses with strings, Sunscreen (SPF-15 or greater and waterproof), Lip balm
  14. Camera (Please make sure your camera is water resistant)

For soft trekking/hiking/put-in point for rafting

  1. A daypack for the trek to the river put-in point (A medium-volume daypack without a frame that won’t take up too much space)
  2. Good quality lightweight hiking boots are most essential
  3. A small binocular to view wildlife in the national park and Avid bird watcher may bring the real thing along with a waterproof case
  4. Reading and writing materials
  5. Personal first aid kit

For Safari in the Park

Lightweight, tightly woven pants and a long- sleeved shirt as well as mosquito repellent, sunglass with strips and cap/hat.

For City Tour

  1. Light wear for summer and warmer clothes during winter
  2. Any comfortable shoes/slippers
  3. Umbrella for summer only
  4. Sun block cream (SPF -15)
  5. Sun Glass
  6. City map
  7. Waist bag /side bag
  8. Camera with bag, tripod optional
  9. Mosquito repellent
  10. Medicines for common disorder