Cultural Exchange Program

This is a part of Nepali culture promotion among those who are willing to learn and understand the social system in Nepal. It would be a very nice experience and you can taste typical tone of Nepali language famous widely among the villagers. Such programs will run in the outskirts of Kathmandu valley and it can be arranged as per your available time schedule. We will have to take drive 70-80 kms from Kathmandu access by road and will have to walk up for approximately 2-3 hrs from the road.

During the program you will meet, sit and eat with the local people. You will learn how to speak ancient Nepali language (slightly different from the urban tones), what are the customs and beliefs of the villagers. You will experience the local Nepali cuisine, how they prepare it, what are the ingredients, what they cultivate and participate in the sessional cultivation with locals too. You can take part in the local festival that falls during your program. You can also play local games; you can play Nepal’s national game “Dandi Biyo” (that you can rarely see it playing the kids now a days), kappardi, volleyball etc. At this program you can also visit to the local school runs by Nepal Government. You will observe the teaching methods and you can share your teaching methods with the teachers and students. You will be getting an opportunity to teach local students. It will be a great opportunity to share your culture as well with the locals. In Between you will be taken to a short walking nearby highest mountain for refreshment. During this program you will also get an opportunity to visit the FIRST model of Community Forestry concept in Nepal then it has been spread all over the world.

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